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A Minimalist in the Making

I don’t call myself a minimalist (yet!) because I still have some progress to achieve in that area. However I see myself as an aspiring minimalist as I’m always working towards getting there.

Here are 7 ways that I personally apply minimalism in my life:

1- Declutter the Stuff

Naturally the first place I started my minimalist quest […]

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Do I Need it or do I Want it ?

Here’s a question that not too many people ask themselves often enough, and it’s at the source of many disappointments and money-related stress.

In this consumerism-focused society, you are led to believe that you NEED everything you see on TV, on billboards, in magazines, and even in front of your face as you are doing your […]

What I Learned About Money in Africa

In our western society, money represents a significant part of life. We are constantly busy making it, spending it or saving it.

As a money coach who enjoys international travels, I’m always curious to see how money is perceived and managed in other cultures.

This past summer, I had the chance to travel to Eastern Africa. One […]

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How to Master the Art of Mindful Spending

Anytime we read higher-consciousness or new age articles, we are almost guaranteed to encounter the word “Mindfulness” or some derivative of it. Although it is an ancient Buddhist practice, mindfulness is now a mainstream concept.

As a spiritual money coach, I’m often attracted to anything and everything that is considered mindful. However, I seldom encounter the […]

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Demystifying money coaching: 5 ways a money coach can help you

For many individuals, money is a sensitive, anxiety-ridden topic . It can stir a mix of emotions, ranging from overwhelm and frustration to stress and fear. The hardest part is not knowing whom to turn to for support.

Should you speak to your financial advisor? your bank representative? Or perhaps your therapist?

Your financial advisor, bank rep […]

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Are you trapped in debt (Part 2 of 2)

Last month, I revealed 4 myths that keep people trapped in debt.

To quickly refresh your memory, here they are:

Myth #1 – The bank approved me so I must afford it

Myth #2 – I don’t need an emergency fund. That’s what my line of credit is for.

Myth #3 – I have to take advantage of […]

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Know Thy Money

What’s the first step you need to accomplish before you can change any behavior? You have to obviously be aware of the behavior in question. That is why financial awareness is crucial if you want to change the state of your money. Essentially, you need to have a crystal clear awareness of where you stand […]

Feeling ashamed ? Speak up !

During the holidays I spent some time in sunny Florida and I had brought with me the book “Daring Greatly” (by Brené Brown) to read while relaxing at the beach. I heard about it when she was interviewed by Oprah last year.

The topic of the book revolves around vulnerability and how it is NOT a […]

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Mastering The Art of Mindful Spending

Most of our money issues could be tamed if we master the art of mindful spending!

What’s mindful spending you ask ? Well, it’s a term that I intuitively came up with to define a state of increased awareness when […]

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Net Worth vs. Self-Worth

One of the first exercises I do with my clients as part of our money coaching sessions is to calculate their current net worth (the total of what they own minus the total of what they owe). We then use this figure as our benchmark to measure their financial progress. By recalculating that number a […]

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