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What is Financial Literacy ?

Did you know that November is Financial Literacy Month ?

This month, organizations from across the country are encouraged to host events and share resources to help Canadians learn how to better manage their personal finances.  This year’s theme is “Take charge of your finances” and it’s aimed at encouraging Canadians to learn how to better manage […]

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A Minimalist in the Making

I don’t call myself a minimalist (yet!) because I still have some progress to achieve in that area. However I see myself as an aspiring minimalist as I’m always working towards getting there.

Here are 7 ways that I personally apply minimalism in my life:

1- Declutter the Stuff

Naturally the first place I started my minimalist quest […]

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Spring Clean Your Financial House

As the old saying goes “Cluttered space is a cluttered mind”. The same applies to your finances. When you are lacking coherent organization or you have a messy financial system, it can lead to poor financial decisions. That’s because you are unclear about where you stand, you don’t know what bills are due or overdue, […]

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The Importance of Being a Financially Empowered Woman

Historically speaking, women have not been the main breadwinners of the family. Consequently, we didn’t have the responsibility to take care of the household finances. However, women have been holding full-time jobs for the past 50-60 years, without necessarily sharing the responsibility to manage the household finances.

In my coaching practice, I often work with women […]

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Learning from your financial hangover

January is here… which means the credit card bills full of holiday spending are also here. At this point, you are probably feeling the nauseating effect of your financial hangover!  But what shall you do about it?

I’m a big believer that mistakes are actually GOOD for us, as long as we learn from them.

So you […]

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40 Rules of Money

In celebration of my 40th birthday today, I compiled the 40 Rules of Money that I have learned &/or followed over the past 40 years (listed in no particular order)

Money is simply a tool. It’s not good or evil. It just embodies your own belief system.
Money is often a symptom. As I frequently […]

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For the love of money

It is no surprise that finances are the leading cause of stress in a relationship.

According to a survey of people in a relationship*, 44% of respondents experiencing relationship stress aged 44 to 54 said money was the primary cause of friction.

How can you ensure that you do not become part of this statistic?

Here are 4 […]

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Do I Need it or do I Want it ?

Here’s a question that not too many people ask themselves often enough, and it’s at the source of many disappointments and money-related stress.

In this consumerism-focused society, you are led to believe that you NEED everything you see on TV, on billboards, in magazines, and even in front of your face as you are doing your […]

How I paid off the mortgage in my 30’s

With banks offering amortizations up to 35 years, it almost seems impossible to pay off one’s mortgage in 12 years. Yet, my husband and I were able to do so.

Here’s how we did it:

Back in 2001, a construction company was developing a new area and building brand new homes. We chose to buy our home […]

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What I Learned About Money in Africa

In our western society, money represents a significant part of life. We are constantly busy making it, spending it or saving it.

As a money coach who enjoys international travels, I’m always curious to see how money is perceived and managed in other cultures.

This past summer, I had the chance to travel to Eastern Africa. One […]

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