A Mini Emergency Fund

Most financial experts would advise you to have an emergency fund equivalent to 3-6 months of basic living expenses.

Let’s first explore what is considered an emergency and what is included in the basic living expenses.

An emergency is an event you could not foresee; hence, you could not have planned for it in your […]

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A Minimalist in the Making

I don’t call myself a minimalist (yet!) because I still have some progress to achieve in that area. However I see myself as an aspiring minimalist as I’m always working towards getting there.

Here are 7 ways that I personally apply minimalism in my life:

1- Declutter the Stuff

Naturally the first place I started my minimalist quest […]

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Strategies to Stop Busting Your Budget

(This post was written by Apex Window Werks, a window replacement and repair company located in Chicago. AWW is more than 8 years in business and it is an A+ BBB company. Feel free to visit their website for more details about services available.)

Global economic strain is seeing price inflation and consumers paying more, yet […]

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Do I Need it or do I Want it ?

Here’s a question that not too many people ask themselves often enough, and it’s at the source of many disappointments and money-related stress.

In this consumerism-focused society, you are led to believe that you NEED everything you see on TV, on billboards, in magazines, and even in front of your face as you are doing your […]

How to Budget : 4 Simple Principles to Budget Like a Pro

Many people cringe at the sound of hearing the word “budgeting”. They automatically feel that it refers to something “restrictive”, “boring” and “not fun”.

So rather than saying “I need to budget”, I recommend saying “I want to tell my money in advance how I plan on spending it and saving it” . Does that sound better?

To be […]

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What I Learned About Money in Africa

In our western society, money represents a significant part of life. We are constantly busy making it, spending it or saving it.

As a money coach who enjoys international travels, I’m always curious to see how money is perceived and managed in other cultures.

This past summer, I had the chance to travel to Eastern Africa. One […]

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How to Save Money – Saving 101

You’ve all heard the financial advice “Pay Yourself First”, more times than you can probably count.

As a money coach, I consider this to be one of the most important financial advices you can follow.

The concept behind it is quite simple: Save some money before you pay any of your bills. In other words, make yourself […]

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One Question To Ask Often

If you have read the book “The Secret”, you would be familiar with the 3 essential steps to manifesting what you desire in life:
Step #1- Ask
Step #2-Believe
Step #3-Receive
Although this is NOT a post about the Law of Attraction, I want to share with you 4 recent examples of using these same steps… to save money !

Scenario […]

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Ready, Set… Goal!

It is not enough to simply wish “to retire rich” and cross your fingers that you will somehow get there. It is essential to define your financial goals to give yourself a clear picture of where you’re heading and what needs to get done to arrive there.

The following 4 steps will guide you with your […]

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The paycheck-to-paycheck generation


“How would you describe the current state of your finances, using 4 or 5 adjectives?”.

That’s one of the questions I always ask my new clients when I meet them in my money coaching practice. This single question can reveal a great deal about how you are currently managing your money.

Some of the most common […]

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