How can a money coach help you make a personal budget?

Should you hire a money coach ?

No moolah? A money coach may be the answer

Money coach helps send debt to the sidelines 

Hire a money coach to get your finances in shape

Setting Financial Goals

Personal Budgeting & Money Management

FCAC – Financial Consumer Agency of Canada – This is by far my favorite financial literacy website for Canadians, which will show you how to make a budget and provide tips on how to save money.

Credit Counselling Society – free webinars

My Money Coach

Prosper Canada – Financial Literacy Toolkit

You Need a Budget – Free Online Classes

MoneySense – The complete financial plan kit documents

Gail Vaz-Oxlade’s Interactive Budgeting Worksheets

Budgeting Guidelines

Budgeting for Dummies

Budgeting Template –  Tracking your expenses + Tracking Worksheet

Check your financial pulse

Canadian Bankers Association

Canadian Foundation For Economic Education

Get Smarter about money

Credit Finance Plus

How to Find Your Credit Score and Get a Credit Report

How long to keep your financial records

How to check your credit history

Unclaimed Balances: Did you ever think that there might be long lost money that belongs to your family? It is definitely worth checking! The Bank of Canada keeps balances over $1000 for 100 years, and balances under $1000 for 40 years. Go ahead! Make this simple search and maybe you’ll have a nice surprise!

Personal Finance Websites & Blogs


Globe and Mail – Personal Finance

Huffington Post – Money

AOL Personal Finance

Oprah – Money 

Budgeting on a variable income

Dave Ramsey’s advice 

Canadian Finance Blog advice

Gail Vaz-Oxlade’s advice

Get Rich Slowly advice

Holiday budgeting

Excel spreadsheet to facililate your holiday budgeting


Your 20 burning RRSP questions

Is tapping your RRSP to buy a first home a good idea?

How to Get Out of Debt 

Taking charge of your debt

Managing Debt – FCAC

Debt reduction and management

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Dave Ramsey’s debt snowball payment method 

The Verdict Is In: Tackle Smaller Debts First

5 ways to pay off your mortgage – fast!

How to Eliminate Credit Card Debt in 7 Steps

Debt Consolidation

Tips for finding a good credit counsellor

Canadian Association of Credit Counselling Services

Debt Managers

Consolidated Credit

SOS Dettes

Money and Couples

5 Common Money Mistakes Couples Make & How to Fix Them Without Fighting

How to Organize Bank Accounts and End Money Fights with Your Spouse

Money Tips for Kids and Teens

Money Tips for Teens

Money Tips for Kids

Money Tips for Students

Money and Youth – a Guide to Financial Literacy

Talk to your Kids about Money 

Financial education for schools

Psychology of Money

How Money Memories Can Affect Your Financial Well-Being

Are You Friends With Your Money ? Louise Hay

5 Ways to Make Peace With Money

8 Things I learned from “Your Money and Your Brain”

The Big Lie About Personal Finance

Financial Psychology – online courses