What our customers are saying

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Lama took the time to understand me and my needs.

She gave me the tools I need to look after my own personal finances. What seemed overwhelming before, now seems completely manageable, trackable and attainable. Best of all, she gave me great financial advice without promoting any one company’s products.

She was working for me and my needs! I look forward to having Lama follow up with me and knowing I have someone to contact with financial questions and who knows my financial situation.

Thank you so much!

M.P., Business Owner
Although we were skeptical in the beginning, very quickly it became obvious to my husband and I that Lama had become instrumental in helping us pull our family finances back together.

She helped us manage our growing debt, better control expenses and overall give us the feeling that we were in control of our financial planning.

Lama’s strength is a mixture of her expertise in finance as well as her acute understanding of the psychological aspects of spending, saving and communication between couples. This is what makes her so unique.

Although we no longer need to work with Lama as often as before, her advice has had a long-lasting effect on us. We would recommend her in a heartbeat!!

S.L., Lawyer
I have learned how to track my money and put it in the right place. Lama helped me become aware of how easy it is to budget and not put my head in the sand.

She is a pleasure to work with, very professional and really knows all facets needed to help others .

Thank you Lama, it was a great experience working with you.

R.F., Dental Hygienist
Lama has helped us immensely.

Prior to meeting with her, our finances as a married couple were a mess and there were a lot of emotions and resentments around money that we weren’t willing to discuss with each other.

Working through this process with Lama not only helped us financially but it opened up communication between my husband and I, which has further helped us as a couple. Communication is definitely a key to a happier marriage!

We can’t thank Lama enough. An incredibly awesome process worth every penny.
I would highly recommend Lama to everyone, even just for a check in and/or a check-up!

S.N., Business Analyst

I would like to thank you regarding all the work done with my attitude towards money. You have helped me identify my money patterns, where they come from and how I perceive money in my life. ​

You are extremely understanding, patient and therapeutic. You have helped me become organized and intelligent about my money. I have seen immediate results from applying what you taught me. You help simplify the greatest and most difficult aspect of my life.

Your help was what I needed after falling from a financial cliff. I now feel in control of my finances, even with a variable salary and my outstanding debts.

Your impartiality regarding my situation was beneficial since you only focused on observing my situation rather than judging it. Your commitment towards my success helps me overcome the obstacles and the setbacks. You helped me learn how to fish and not just give me a fish.

You help me become empowered rather than dependent. I am achieving my goal, slowly and surely.

Everyone should have a money-coach like you.

Lama, you are precious and I am so grateful for your help.  Thank you for being in my life!

S.F., Real Estate Agent
I highly recommend Lama’s financial coaching services.
Her smart, no non-sense approach helped me get on top of my financial situation after my divorce.
It feels great to know exactly what is my net worth, to set my financial goals and priorities and to learn new tools to stay in control.
S.L., P.R. Consultant

It has been great working with Lama.

She helped me organize my finances, presenting me with an overall picture of my personal and business financials andprovided great solutions to lower my expenses. She is realistic, practical and straight forward.

I appreciate her professionalism and recommend her services.

A.C., Yoga Studio Owner

Just wanted to share how enjoyable for me it’s been to meet you. I appreciated your input on all levels of our conversation and all your intelligent and practical suggestions.

A-M. T., Retired

I appreciated your sensible review and straight-forward assessment.

You highlighted the strong and weak points of our financial position and I think there is more we can do to make sure we keep up the good habits… thanks in part to you!

A.G., Engineer

Financial matters can be a touchy subject so her common sense approach was very reassuring while also ensuring we remain proactive about determining and following up on the goals she helped us set for ourselves.

I highly recommend her.

C.B., Freelancer

If you wanted to improve your business, you would hire a consultant. If you wanted to improve your money, you would want to contact Lama.

She is very knowledgeable, experienced, practical and professional and will lead you in the right direction with your money, if you decide so. Her financial assessment and advice are very helpful especially if you understand that financial advisor is not what you need.

It has been great working with Lama and I’m so glad that now I can contact her with any financial questions I may have as she knows my financial situation.

Again, Thank You so much!

F.D., IT Manager
We met with Lama a day before making an offer on a condo which we were convinced we could afford. Once we finished the exercise of going through all our expenses with her in detail (she made us think of things we would have never considered) we found out that buying that condo would have put us in a tight financial state for a long time! If it wasn’t for Lama’s help we would have had to live with the stress and problems that affect a family in debt.

Following the budgeting exercise we did with her, we are now more clear on the purchase price we can afford , which would allow us to become homeowners without feeling financially strained.

Z.C., IT Project Manager

We greatly enjoyed our meeting with Lama. Her help, financial expertise and advice proved to be invaluable to us, especially that we are trying to build our family’s wealth.

Since she does not sell any financial products, her objectivity made us quickly trust her. We highly recommend her services to anyone who feels the need to clarify their financial situation.

V.M., Software Developer

Working with Lama has truly transformed my life.

She offers personalised plans, and guidance towards financial recovery, success, and freedom.

She has given me the support in achieving my goals and the opportunity to invest in my own dreams and future.

F.D., Professional Dancer & Dance Teacher
Thank you again for our financial session.

It was extremely helpful and informative, and I feel a great sense of relief that I am finally doing something to deal with my financial situation. It was also very therapeutic to talk about my money challenges without feeling judged.

Thank you so much for everything you have done for me — to help me finally take action to deal with my financial problems. I feel so relieved that I can now begin to get my life back under control.

P.S., Administrative Assistant

It’s been a month since I met with Lama and WOW what a change in my money perspective !

I now take a minute longer before making a purchase and I ask myself the question “do I want this or do I want to retire on a beach sooner?

I have implemented many of her suggestions already: 1. I met with a rep from my bank and made a retirement plan, 2. Paid off 100% of my credit card 3. Booked a meeting with my RRSP and RESP broker to put money aside more regularly.  I am VERY focused on paying off my line of credit and getting to that warm spot sooner!

Thank you so much Lama!

D.W., Entrepreneur

Testimonials from participants at my popular workshop Take Charge of YOUR Money

  • I attended Lama’s “Take Charge of Your Money” workshop and the information she gave us was invaluable!  I started putting into practice many of her suggestions and increasing my financial self-awareness. Through the discussions we had at the round table, and the other participants sharing their savings tips I was able to save almost $500 on my home phone bill the next day! I highly recommend you take Lama’s workshops, you’re guaranteed to come out ahead!
  • Lama, Thank you for your knowledge, openness and for sharing your personal story. Talking about money is still quite taboo but you made everyone in the room feel so at ease.  I created a detailed tracking tool for our expenses which include categories, pivots and charts.  My husband and I are logging every expense and we now make more conscious decisions while shopping and budgeting.  It takes effort but we now feel so much better knowing where every cent is going.  I especially loved the tip about loyalty programs so we dedicated a worksheet specifically to track these programs. Thank you so much!
  • I attended Lama’s “Take Charge of Your Money” workshop and the tips I gained were invaluable. Everything was applicable to my situation and her workshop appealed to individuals of various ages as all attendees came from different stages of life. What I found most helpful was learning to set realistic and attainable financial goals for oneself and ensuring you have a ‘financial cushion’ a previously novel concept to me. I have already begun putting what I’ve learned into practice and I look forward to seeing it (quite literally) pay of. Great workshop from an inspiring and experienced money coach- I’m glad I attended!
  • Thank you for a fantastic workshop! I love how your concepts are easy to grasp and to apply. Regardless of where you are in your financial life, you can always learn a new strategy to better your finances. ​
  • I found the workshop really helpful. I had been procrastinating things I already knew I needed to do and I got the kick in the pants I needed. But even better, some of what I already knew was outdated. I was happily surprised to learn a few things that I was able to implement right away. It was a fun and helpful workshop! Thank you Lama. I’m looking forward to your next one. I can see why people raved about the one I had missed.
  • I went to an informative overview of taking charge of money and looking at financial health last night, given by Lama Farran. It made me realize what I was doing right, and where I should be paying more attention. I personally recommend it.
  • Very pleasant presenter. I greatly enjoyed the presentation and Lama’s personality.
  • Lama is professional, knowledgeable and communicated beyond my expectations. I walked out with the information I needed to take control of my finances.
  • I really appreciated Lama’s honest and friendly advice. It was very helpful and I felt very comfortable opening up about my financial details.
  • Lama did a wonderful job giving us lots of good information and she has a wonderful warm personality.

Testimonials from participants at the 3-workshop money series Money and You presented at Evolution Psychology Center

  • This workshop got me to start thinking about my situation. I feel motivated to “turn off the faucet” and work towards paying off my debt​.
  • Lama is an enjoyable speaker with tons of information. She had great examples to help us understand the content.
  • Thank you Lama, you provided easy to implement suggestions and good material about money management. I have already started to make changes and I am already seeing the results.
  • ​I found the sessions helpful and I’m glad I have had the chance to hear great ideas to improve my debt situation and my lifestyle.
  • I would highly recommend Lama’s course on money. Her down-to-earth approach and her sensitivity to each person’s needs enhanced the solid and thorough content.​​​
  • These workshops made me see what I am doing wrong in my life. It contained great tips to change my life and my spending habits for the better.​
  • This workshop was very enlightening in regards to all the options to manage debt and overall finances. I enjoyed and appreciated getting tips and resources in order to better manage my finances and make my dreams come true. Thank you.
  • This workshop helped me create a budget again. I am actually not thinking before I buy. I’m not using my credit cards and encouraging others to do the same. I’m definitely thinking more and decluttering my home.
  • Thank you so much Lama. Fantastic presentation, full of insight into personal financial management. Lots ofextremely relevant information and tips on dealing with money (spending and staying out of debt) . Thank you so much again.

Testimonials from participants at my Pointe-Claire library seminar

  • I really enjoyed your talk at the Pointe-Claire library.  You are a wonderful animated speaker.  Your sense of humor and unique way of looking at things gives me a fresh perspective on my own financial situation and a desire to improve things for myself.