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Frequently Asked Questions

I do NOT offer the same services offered by your bank or your financial advisor/planner.

I do NOT grant loans, mortgages or credit cards.

I do NOT sell any investment/savings product.

I do NOT sell any insurance product.

I am a money coach and I still need a financial advisor myself. The following table will better help you understand the difference between my services and those of a financial advisor:

Financial Advisor Money Coach
Gives investment advice based on market conditions and your investor profile Helps you uncover your subconscious money patterns that are blocking you.Gives personal finance solutions tailored to your lifestyle and your financial situation
Sells investment products (stocks, mutual funds, GICs,…) Does NOT sell any financial product
 Manages your investment portfolio  Schedules support sessions to monitor your financial progress and coaches you throughout the change process
 Takes you on as a client only if you have money to invest  Shows you how to change your behavior so you can start saving money (… to eventually invest it with your financial advisor!)

I mostly work with:

  • families who are living paycheque-to-paycheque, despite good incomes
  • single working moms who can’t figure out how to budget on their own
  • individuals who find themselves in new circumstances (divorce/separation, new parents, …) and are feeling financially lost
  • professionals with good salaries, who are having trouble managing their cash flows and expenses
  • business owners or commission-based employees who can’t budget on variable income
My ideal client is
  • first and foremost COMMITTED to making a change in their life
  • sick and tired of the financial situation they are in, but is MOTIVATED to do the work to improve their situation
  • earning a good income but still having trouble keeping up with their expenses and not understanding where their money is “vanishing”
  • open to change, not afraid of getting out of their comfort zone, and willing to do things differently
  • ready to use a helping hand to guide them and support them

Unfortunately, I cannot assist those who are:

  • Not ready, willing and able to change their existing financial habits
  • Not motivated to do the work required on their part

I currently offer different packages with varying time commitments, depending on each client’s needs. Therefore my packages are custom-made.

For more information about my packages and pricing, a free, no-obligation financial evaluation is first required.  This evaluation allows me to better understand your financial situation and the challenges you are currently facing. I will then be in a much better position to advice you on the ideal package for you.

If you are interested, please submit the evaluation form . You will then be prompted to book your FREE no-obligation 30-min session.