What’s the point of reviewing your bills?

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What’s the point of reviewing your bills?

I think it’s really important to take the time to review your bills and ask for discounts. I’ve had SIX instances in the past month, and when I added up the yearly savings, I was shocked to find out that I saved $1,138!

It’s normal to think “what’s the point of calling customer service or switching companies for a few dollars?” . Well as you will see below, it is TOTALLY WORTH it !!

Here’s how I saved $1,138

  • My cell phone company noticed that I recently unlocked my device and they realized that I’m now free to switch companies without any penalties. Their customer service called me to see if I’m satisfied and I said “I think I’m paying a bit too much per month. What can you do for me?”. And just like that my monthly plan was decreased from $75 to $45/month !

YEARLY SAVING – $30 x 12 months x 1.15 (our lovely 15% sales taxes!) = $414

  • My satellite radio got automatically renewed in January, and like every year, I called to complain that it’s too expensive. However, this year, I chose the menu option “Cancel my service”. Although I had no intention of cancelling my service, I wanted to speak directly with their loyalty department instead of their “regular” customer service. The agents working in the loyalty department have a mission to keep you as a client so they are always willing to give you bigger discounts. A 5-minute conversation resulted into my satellite radio costing $140/year instead of $250 (after taxes)


  • Last week, I got a letter from my cable/internet/home phone company saying that my rate is going up by $8/month. I called and guess which menu option I chose? That’s right ! “Cancel my service”. After my discussion, they cancelled the $8 increase and they reviewed my channels so we got it reduced by a further $13/month, only by removing 5 channels that I never watched anyway!

YEARLY SAVING – $21 x 12 months x 1.15 = $289.8

  •  I called my house alarm company last month and I said something along “Honestly, I think I’m getting ripped off by your company. I asked around and everywhere else is cheaper. What can you do to keep me as a client?”. That conversation reduced my monthly rate from $49 to $34 (after taxes)

 YEARLY SAVING – $15 x 12 months = $180

  •  I have been hosting my website with the same company for the past few years, but in 2018, their rate suddenly doubled! So I shopped around and instead of paying $120+tax/year, I’m now hosting it for $125+tax for the next 3 years !


  • Last but not least, I’ve registered my domain with the same company since I launched MaxWorth in 2012. This year, I got really tired of paying for something that I knew was too expensive. Again, I shopped around and I just switched it over. I now pay $10/year versus USD 50!

YEARLY SAVING = $55 (including 30% exchange rate)

TOTAL SAVINGS for 2018 = $414 + $110 + $289.8 + $180 + $90.13 + $55 = $1,138.93

What are some of your saving stories? I would love to hear them in the comments below!

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