One Question To Ask Often

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One Question To Ask Often

If you have read the book “The Secret”, you would be familiar with the 3 essential steps to manifesting what you desire in life:

Step #1- Ask

Step #2-Believe

Step #3-Receive

Although this is NOT a post about the Law of Attraction, I want to share with you 4 recent examples of using these same steps… to save money !

Scenario 1 – One of my clients has been struggling to pay off her credit card balance with an interest rate of 19.9%. I recommended that she calls her credit card company and inquire about what they can do for her (Ask). I was aware that most banks offer credit cards, with a small annual fee, but a lower interest rate. Following my recommendation, she called her bank and was offered an 8% rate reduction, without even negotiating (Receive). She Believed that she deserves the rate reduction and she knew that she had nothing to lose by simply asking.

Scenario 2 – My annual satellite radio membership got automatically charged to my credit card last month. After reviewing my credit card statement and seeing the charge, I had a feeling that I was charged a higher fee than last year. So I pulled out my online credit card statement from last year, and I saw that they had indeed increased the fee.

I could’ve stopped there and told myself “ they must’ve increased it. Just pay it and forget about it!”. But of course, that’s not how a money coach’s brain functions. So I called up the company (Ask) and the conversation went exactly like this:

Me: I noticed that you charged me more than last year. Can you please tell me why?

Company: well, last year we had a promotion when you renewed your membership.

Me: do you have a promotion now?

Company: let me check… Actually, yes we do. Do you want that promotion?

Me: well of course! (Believing that I deserve the discount!)

Company: No problem. I will refund you the difference ($52) on your credit card (Receive)

Me (in my head): well that was easy!

Scenario 3 – My husband recently needed to exchange US dollars to Canadian dollars. Having myself worked at the bank, I knew that bank employees have some flexibility with the exchange rate they offer their clients. Of course, people do not know this (until now!) so no one thinks of asking for a better exchange rate. Most people accept the rate they’re offered, thinking it must be set in stone.

So I told my husband to ask his bank manager this simple question: “Is this the best rate you can offer me?” (Ask) . As expected, the manager was able to offer him a better rate, which resulted in over $300 of savings (Receive).

Scenario 4  – While recently working with a new client, I noticed that her banking plan didn’t fit her needs. She was accustomed to using her debit card for all her daily purchases but her banking plan only allowed her to make 12 debits/month. Consequently she was charged, on average, an additional $40/month. I urged her to visit her bank the same day to choose a banking plan that covers unlimited debit transactions. During her bank visit, she asked the teller what she can do for her (Ask) and she was able to get $100 deposited right away in her account to partially compensate for all the fees she has been paying (Receive).

Moral of all my stories: Ask and you shall receive.

Ask for that discount, ask for that refund, ask for that special rate, simply ask.

So for the next month, I challenge you to ask the following questions at least ONCE a week and see the magic of savings unfold right before your eyes:

“Is this the best you can do for me?”

“what else can you do for me?”

“How else could you help me?”

Try it and let me know how it goes for you!

Happy Savings !

One question to ask often

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